v0.4.2November 10, 2021
First entry into the changelog. If necessary, will retroactively add previous changes into backdated logs by referencing git commits.

Large scale system restructure from React-based application to a more traditional, lighter-weight HTML, PHP, and JS based application.


  • Changelog 😉
  • Ticket Quota Checking.
  • Calendar Access to Public Site.
  • Link Module, Separate from Page Module.
  • Listener to Create Default Link (Schedule) on Site creation.
  • Date & Time display on Order Page.
  • Admin Namespace Policy Check.
  • Payex Gateway Credentials.
  • Social Link Module.
  • Video Conferencing Addon (Jitsi Meet) to Session Form.
  • Video Conferencing Addon (Jitsi Meet) to Dashboard.
  • Payment Status "False" if payment not successful.
  • Site_ID to Order entry in database for tracking purposes.
  • Prefil user data when buying items.
  • Styling and Front End for above.


  • Hardcoded Background Image on Public Site.
  • External Link functionality from Page.
  • Some faulty Migrations.
  • Various Unused Source FIles

Bugs Fixed

  • Overlapping migration fields on clean database install.
  • CKFinder dependencies.
  • Footer Copyright Year
  • Link Controller redirect.
  • User isn't added to Site as a Member if they're not authenticated.
  • Emails now send to Order address rather than pre-assigned user address.

Known Bugs

  • Emails sometimes still don't send out.
  • Likely to be a driver issue with the queue worker. Emails still send out, they're just slower to do so. Temporary patch by changing help text to expect emails within 12 hours.
  • Payment Gateway returns null array.
  • Fix by refreshing page. Or navigating back, refreshing, and then proceeding again.
  • Shop Entry on Links Table on Dashboard sometimes doesn't unlock.
  • Hover animations on Cover Image on Dashboard sometimes not working.
  • Social Links to Instagram sometimes return "Oops, an error occured"